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Case Study - A Million Destinations at Once

This small firm of busy attorneys needed help. DOMINION met all their requirements but as they continued to grow they were now faced with deciding whether they would need more flight cards to take the partners to different corners of the globe at a moment's notice. Of course, we could have simply sold more of the card service; but we believe helping our clients meet their bottom line keeps us meeting ours. So we listened, then found the right solution to the problem.

As with many businesses, the decision-makers were frequently needed in different time zones. So their personal DOMINION account executive reminded them of the beauty of their #PremiereConnection™ partnership -- simultaneous air travel using one company account. There was no need to purchase additional card services because the hours they'd contracted with us could be used by their account designees in the air, on the ground, and, yes, at the same time. The could assign designees as necessary and add more hours once depleted. Problem solved.

A million destinations? Not quite, but exactly the solution this busy team of legal eagles needed...and we welcomed the million thank yous we got.

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